Basic information

About us

Mašek, Kočí, Aujezdský is a law firm based in Prague, that provides qualified and in depth legal counsel in the field of Czech law and the law of the European Union. It is one of the top law firms specialising in the field of IT and e-commerce law in the Czech Republic. The firm has extensive experience with providing legal counsel to various economic entities, whom it also helps with the long-term practical realisation of their plans and projects.

About our services

Mašek, Kočí, Aujezdský not only provides complex legal consultancy to business entities, but also legal assistance in individual legal cases. Due to its wide use of modern information technologies, the firm is able to immediately respond to the requirements of its clients. A client is able to communicate directly with our lawyers by means of the on-line system. All lawyers are also widely involved in publishing papers in their fields. When providing legal counsel, the firm cooperates with specialists in related fields, especially with tax specialists and experts.

Our values

Mašek, Kočí, Aujezdský comprises a dynamic team of lawyers whose common goal is to provide top quality legal representation. We make effective use of the newest technological tools in order to provide the highest level of comfort to our clients. The firm’s fundamental values are the provision of highly specialised legal advice, as well as efficient, transparent and accessible services. We understand that time flexibility is very important to clients and, for this reason, our response times to legal issues or queries received from our clients are much shorter than those of other law firms.


Lawyers of our team are members of the Czech Bar Association, the Council of Bars and Law Societies of Europe (CCBE) and other lawyers’ organisations. The firm is a full member of the Czech Association for Electronic Commerce (APEK) and International Law Firms (ILF), an international association of independent law firms. Membership of ILF currently comprises of about 70 medium-sized and small law firms from all around the world.


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